Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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"I placed my order online yesterday.  It was delivered today by Priority Mail!  Thank you for the fast shipping and for making a top quality product!"  Maxwell, Fort Pierce FL


"I always buy my dog treats from the Good Dog Bakery.  My dog loves the Chicken Jerky and the different flavored biscuuts!"  Richard, North Tonawanda NY


"Maggie loves your biscuits.  I won't buy her anything else!  I'll be sure to place another order online.  Thank you so much!!"  Christine, West Palm Beach FL


"Good Dog Bakery Chicken Vegetable biscuits are the favorite for our dog  Thanks for making this healthy treat!!"  Pat, Stuart FL


"My cat loves your cat treats!  Here's my new order!!"  Joan, Attleboro MA


"So glad I found your dog treats for my fussy pup.  Thank you so much for your prompt and excellent service!"  Karen, West Palm Beach FL


"Our order arrived in just 2 days!  Our dog really knows Good Dog Bakery biscuits are the best!!"  Jon and Julie, Dover NJ


"Emmet enjoyed receiving his Good Dog Bakery package in today's mail. The biscuits and the rawhide chew are his birthday present!"  Karinn, Wappingers Falls NY


"My dog needs more biscuits!  Please repeat my last order and send as soon as possible.  Thank you!!"  Henry, Palm Beach FL


"My cats love your treats.  They know where I keep them and go to that spot to let me know they are ready for more.  Thank you for creating healthy treats for our pets!  I love what you are doing doing!!"  Stephanie, Homestead FL


"Your Peanut Butter biscuits are my dog's favorite treat!"  Susie, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My dog knows Good Dog Bakery biscuits are the best ... and my cat who is so finicky loves your treats!"  Jonathan, West Palm Beach FL


"We only get the best for our Rocky, so we always get biscuits and treats from the Good Dog Bakery!"  Mike and Anne,  Boston MA


"Our dog loves to chew!  Your Elk Antler Chews are just what we need for Charlie  Thank you!!"  Susan and Tom, Jupiter FL


"Here's my order for some more of your 100% All Natural Chicken Jerky.  It's great to get this USA product that my dog loves!"  Harvey, Milford CT


"Our dog absolutely loves her Peanut Butter Crunch biscuits!  Thank you for making them."  Rose and Alan, Congers NY 


"Your Elk Antler Chews are great!  My dog loves them!!"  Anne Marie, West Palm Beach FL


"With so many allergies, Good Dog Bakery biscuits are the only ones that my dog can have."  Lois, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My dog loves Good Dog Bakery biscuits!  I love your Free Shipping special with fast Priority Mail delivery!!"  Mark, Sleepy Hollow NY


"I appreciate your excellent customer service and my cat loves your Cat Treats!  Thank you!!"  Tricia, Fort Pierce FL


"Thank you for your fabulous products.  Our dog has lots of allergy problems and her vet advised us to find treats that are as natural as possible.  Good Dog Bakery 100% All Natural biscuits are just what we need!  Thanks again!!"  Norma and Richard, Yorktown Heights NY


"I need to buy 2 more of your Elk Antler Chews and 3 containers of your Peanut Butter biscuits.  My good dog loves Good Dog Bakery!"  MaryJayne, Cos Cob CT


"My doggies love their Good Dog Bakery treats and elk antler chews!  Thank you"  Michelle, Port Saint Lucie FL


"Our dog has so many allergies.  Your all natural biscuits are the perfect ones for her!  She loves them!!"  Linda and Rob, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Roxy got her new the treats!! Thank you Good Dog Bakery for making my puppy so happy!!"  Robyn, Boca Raton FL


"Mr. Boo and Mr. Astro love their Good Dog Bakery Chicken Jerky!" Harry, Fort Pierce FL


"I received my online order in just 2 days by Priority Mail!  Prince loves his biscuits!!  You've gained a new customer!!" Lori, Greenwich CT


"Jack loves his Good Dog Bakery Elk Antler Chew!  Here's our order for another.  Please send as soon as possible.  Thank you!!"  Alan and Jeanne, Cambridge MA


"My cats are hooked on your all natural treats!  I'll be ordering more soon!!"  Marjorie, West Palm Beach FL


"Ruby, our exceptional Yorkie loves her Good Dog Bakery treats!  Thank you very much!!"  Ty and Marsha,  Hutchinson Island FL


"Josie, our fox terrier, loves your Chicken Jerky!"  Carol and James, Sapulpa OK


"Wally is the most finicky cat.  I tried lots of treats with him.  Yours are the only ones he likes ... make that loves!  Here is my order for some more!!"  Alice, New Haven CT


"I use the Good Dog Bakery Peanut Butter and Honey biscuits as a treat for Charlie, my Bassett Hound.  He loves them and I know that he is getting healthy, nutritious treat that is low in calories and fat.  Thank you for making them!"  Kathie, West Palm Beach FL


"My dogs loves your Elk Antler Dog Chews!  You have the best prices and the fastest shipping!!  Steve, South Orange NJ


"We have been buying Good Dog Bakery biscuits for several years.  We feed our dogs only all natural products and your's are the best!  Thank you!!"  Marybeth, Groton CT


"You have the BEST biscuits and chews!  My dog loves them!!  I am so happy that everything is all natural and veterinarian approved!"  Larry, Highland Falls NY


"Thanks Good Dog Bakery for the great rawhide bones that keep Tucker's teeth white!"  Amy, Port Saint Lucie, FL


"My cats so love Good Dog Bakery cat treats that now our oldest turns her nose up at store bought treats!  Good thing I can order online!!"  Heather, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Baxter is our new Golden Doodle puppy.  He really likes your Lamb & Sweet Potato biscuits.  We use them as a training treat.  Love that they are all natural"  Pam and Bill, Port Saint Lucie FL


"So happy that we found Good Dog Bakery!  Our order with the Elk Antler Chews arrived in just a couple of days by Priority Mail.  The antlers are of excellent quality, the dogs love them and your prices are great!  Thank you!!"  Alan and Betsy,  Pasadena CA


"Our dog loves her Chicken Jerky treats!  We'll be ordering more soon!!"  Brenda and Robert, Brooklyn NY


"My order came in very quickly!  It is always a pleasure doing business with you at the Good Dog Bakery!!"  Maryellen, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"Gracie loves her Elk Antler Chew!"  Cheryl and Josh, Port Saint Lucie FL


"My Golden Retriever has allergies, and the only biscuits I trust are Good Dog Bakery! " Christine, Chicago IL


"Our two Pomeranians love to chew on the Good Dog Bakery's natural rawhide that we bought for them!"  Bill, Fort Pierce FL


"Happy to have found you!  Good Dog Bakery all natural treats are the best!!"  Craig and Carole, Miami Beach FL


"Saw you on Facebook and ordered some biscuits for my dogs.  My order came so fast.  It was just a couple of days!  My dogs love them!!  I'll be ordering more very soon!!!"  Susie, Hanover NH


"You have created so many delicious treats!  Love you guys!!  Keep up the good work!!!"  Coco, San Diego CA


"Bubba loves his Good Dog Bakery treats that we got for him!"  Tara, Horsham PA


"My cats absolutely love your natural cat treats!  I need more!!"  Lois, Port Saint Lucie FL


"Jeter, Colby & Brigette all said Good Dog Bakery treats are yummy!  Thanks for making these great treats!!"  Robin, Westchester NY


"My puppy absolutely LOVES all the treats I got her!"  Brooke, Fort Pierce FL


"My dog likes all of the Good Dog Bakery biscuits.  I use them as a training treat reward for good behavior!  Nice to know that they are natural!!"  Roger, Freeport ME


"Your cat treats are the BEST!  They are the ONLY treats my cats will eat!! Thank you for making them!!!"  Carole, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Just gave the dogs some of your new all natural Duck Jerky!  They think it's great!!  Please send us more!!!"  Kathy and Dean, Austin TX


"Our dogs love Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats!"  Theresa, Vero Beach FL


"Your Cheeseburger Deluxe with Bacon are the best Dog Treats ever!  My Cat Buddies love your catnip too!! Thanks!!!  Ace, Waterloo NY 

"My little Tori LOVES these Good Dog Bakery treats!"  Betty, Hartford CT


"We came just to get Good Dog Bakery biscuits!  Our totally spoiled dog loves them and we want him to always have the best!!"  Marie and Wally, Fort Pierce FL


"Your 'Bacon and Cheese Pleasers' are my dog's favorite treat!  Here's my order for some more.  Please send them as soon as possible!"  Carolin, New York NY


"We ... well actually our dog has tried the rest.  Then we started reading the ingredient list on the those packages and found words that we couldn't even pronounce!  That's why we changed to Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats made with only all natural foods!"  Marc and Sue, Westport CT


"Thanks for making your all natural biscuits, treats and rawhide.  Our Vet recommended that we should only feed our dog all natural products.  That why we chose Good Dog Bakery!"  Alice and Rob, New Orleans LA


"Good Dog Bakery biscuits are the best!  Our dogs loves them.  They are the only ones that we give them!!"  David and Marge, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My 3 dogs say THANK YOU!  They just LOVE the many different flavored Good Dog Bakery treats!  It's so nice to buy something made in the USA, ... and made with love!  I have given samples out to many of my friends.   I need more!  Everyone just LOVES your company!  Thank you!"  Robin, Armonk NY


"The Turkey, Peas and Potato Treats were the perfect gift for our Havanese friend, Bob! He loved them! Thank you for such quality, all natural treats for our dogs!" Brian and Theresa, Vero Beach FL


"Just placed an order for 9 different kinds of treats and rawhides! Can't wait to give them to my 3 dogs!! Thank you and you will be seeing me again!!!" Dale, Elmsford NY


"I LOVE the fact that your Chicken Jerky is made in the USA!!" Pamela, Whitman MA


"My treats got here to New York in record time. The Bacon & Cheddar treats are awesome! The Cheeseburger Deluxe with Bacon ones are great too!! Wag Wag Wag for Good Dog Bakery!!!" Ace, Syracuse NY


"Victoria loves her treats - especially the 'Lamb and Sweet Potato' variety! And I love not having to read the fine print to find out where it's made!!" Judy, Vero Beach FL


"Your Rawhide dog treats are awesome! Not only does Cooper love these, they last longer than the typical rawhide. I bought these during a visit to Florida and loved them so much, I ordered more of them online!!" Debbie, North East MD


"My 3 cat really like your Catnip, so much so that I had to put it in the refrigerator because they tried to steal it off the counter!" William, Syracuse NY


"Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats are the only ones that I give to my dog. She has a very sensitive stomach. Your all natural products are just what she needs!" Angela, West Palm Beach FL


"Our dog has wheat allergies. So happy that we found you and your all natural biscuits that are always made without wheat!" Linda and Adam, Framingham MA


"Nice to meet you. My dogs love their Good Dog Bakery treats!!" Hayley, Port Saint Lucie FL


"My cat absolutely loves your new cat treats! This is the first time I found a treat that the cat will eat!! She now even does tricks for her treats!!! Thank you so much!!!!" Rita, Fort Pierce FL


"My dogs love Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats!" Les, Jupiter FL


"My little pup needs more snacks and I will only get them from Good Dog Bakery!" David, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Can hardly wait for my order to arrive and surprise my babies! Thanks for shipping it by Priority Mail!! I have a rescue with 7 cats and 2 dogs plus 2 dogs of my own. They all are going to be so surprised! Thanks again!!!" Mary, King George VA


"Thanks for now making the cat treats and catnip too! Our dogs and cats love Good Dog Bakery!!" Whitney and Roger, Philadelphia PA


"Our pups are all about 100% natural doggy treats!! That's why we only give them Good Dog Bakery!!! Anna, North Palm Beach Heights FL


"All Natural is the only way I feed my dogs and puppies!" Maltese Hobby Breeders, Palm Coast FL


"Just found this link to your website on your facebook page! I only give my dog all natural treats. Ordering some from you right now!! David, Portland OR


"My dog loves Good Dog Bakery treats! I'm almost out so here is my order for lots more. Please send as soon as possible!! Thank you." Francis, Dallas TX


"Nice to meet you at the Green Market. My dogs love their new treats and the rawhides! See you soon!!" Meredith, Palm Beach FL


"My order arrived in just 2 days! Our dogs love the biscuits and the cat thinks her treats are the best!! Adam, Bridgeport CT


"Mulligan Rose and Maverick O'Malley love their Good Dog Bakery treats!" Karen, West Palm Beach FL


"Our dog loves her Good Dog Bakery treats! We feel good that we are giving her an all natural biscuit that is veterinarian approved!! By the way, you have a great facebook page. Always nice to read your postings." Larry and Liz, Kansas City MO


"Thanks for making these AWESOME treats! My cats love them! And they're so much better for them!" Shayda, Vero Beach FL


"Just wanted you to know my dog literally wiggles with excitement when he sees me going to get him a piece of your jerky treats! My cat isn't jealous because she has your cat treats that she begs me for every morning!" Coreen, West Palm Beach FL


"Good Dog Bakery's peanut butter crunch with honey biscuits helped me catch my giant runaway brinldle dog today! Thanks!!" Adriana, Jupiter FL


"Thank you for making the gluten and grain free biscuits. It is just what I need for my allergy prone dog!" Richard, South Orange NJ


"I found Good Dog Bakery at the Hobe Sound Art Fest and tried the cat treats for my spoiled kitty. SHE LOVES THEM! Dogs are easy to please but to please a kitty is a challenge!!" Marilyn, Lake Worth FL


"When I get Good Dog Bakery biscuits, I know that I have chosen the best for my dog! Thank you for this great product!!" Serena, Boston MA


"I found out about you on Facebook! Love natural treats!!" Francine, Longmont CO


"First bought Good Dog Bakery biscuits this past Spring. My dog loves your goodies!" Corinne, Brooklin ME


"We try to keep all natural in our home. Your biscuits and treats are perfect for our dogs! Here's a picture of them for the Your Good Dog Photos page." Robert and Michelle, New Haven CT


"My cat is so finicky. I never found a treat that she liked until I tried the ones that you have. She thinks they are great!" Ellen, Dallas TX


"We showed your 100% natural rawhide to our dog's vet. She said they were fine for our pooch. Here's our order for some more!" Pam and Allen, Oak Brook IL


"My dogs loves your Peanut Butter Crunch with Honey biscuits. It is so hard to find all natural treats now a days. Thank you for making them!" Lisa, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My three little Yorkies love Good Dog Bakery treats!" Claudia, Okeechobee FL


"It took just 3 days for my order to arrive! Thanks for the prompt attention. I was almost out of my dog's favorite treat!!" Adam, San Diego CA


"My three dogs, Griffin, Yummy and Buddy, love Good Dog Bakery dog biscuits and treats!" Theresa, Vero Beach FL


"The dogs love all of the four new biscuit flavors we got for them: Peanut Butter with Honey, Bacon and Cheddar, Chicken Vegetable, and the Lamb and Sweet Potato! We'll be ordering more soon!!" Dave and Joyce, White Plains NY


"We gave one of our favorite dogs, Good Dog Bakery treats last night at the Solstice campfire. Malika loved both the Chicken Pot Pie and the Philly Cheese Steak biscuits!" Barry and TA, Fort Pierce, FL


"Lily and Max usually don't like treats. Just got some Good Dog Bakery biscuits and they LOVE them!" Mary, Tequesta FL


"Besides making a dish to take to our neighborhood dinner...this year I didn't forget our four footed neighbors & brought treats for the dogs & catnip for the cats ...all from Good Dog Bakery!" ToniAnne, Fort Pierce FL


"Thank you for posting my dog's picture on the Your Good Dog Photos page! It is real easy to get her to pose. I just give her a Good Dog Bakery biscuit!! Lori, Fairfield CT


"Our dog really likes the new flavors. We really like that they are all natural and veterinarian approved! Thank you!!" Louise and Steve, Jupiter FL


"Bought some of your biscuits at the farmer's market when visiting South Florida! My dogs LOVE them!! Here's my order for more!!!" Fran, Glen Arbor MI


"I only give my dog your all natural rawhide. I've tried some other ones in the past but now he will only chew the ones I get from you. I really like that they have no artificial flavors or colors. Thank you for this quality product!" Mary Jane, Cincinnati OH


"My order just arrived. I have 6 rescue dogs that are very picky but they all went crazy for them! I put them on the counter and went to my computer and heard a crash. The great dane had stood up and knocked them down and all the dogs inhaled them!! Thank you. Good Dog Bakery biscuits are incredible!!!" Jeramie, Hailey ID


"My dog Bruce, just tried the Cheeseburger Deluxe with Bacon biscuits and he really loves them!" Kait, West Palm Beach FL


"Finally we found a biscuit that our dog likes! And they are all natural! Thanks for making these healthy treats for our Jack!" Michelle and Tom, Fort Lauderdale FL


"Please ship my order as soon as possible. My dog loves the all natural large rawhide rolls and we just ran out!" Sue, Hobe Sound FL


"Thank you for the treats. Our dog loves the new flavors!" David, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My dog loves your rawhide strips -- the best part is how thin they are and I love that they are just plain and all natural. As she's gotten older, Penny is not interested in thick strips, I think her teeth may not be as strong as they once were. Our vet has told us she can have all the rawhide she wants, especially if it isn't treated with preservatives!" Kathy, Lansing MI


"Zoe, our yellow lab pup, loves her Good Dog Bakery treats! They are great for training her!!" Tina, Hobe Sound FL


"My dog loves the Cheeseburger Deluxe with Bacon biscuits!" Carol, Phoenixville PA


"We first bought Good Dog Bakery treats 3 years ago for our first golden, Abby. We now have another golden, Pyper, and she loves your treats also. We have made special trips to get them for her and when we return north in the spring, we try to stock up. Excellent product!!!" Barb, Western MI


"Seamus loves his Good Dog Bakery biscuits! He also enjoys chewing on his rawhide bone!!" Elena, West Palm Beach FL


"I love the Good Dog Bakery! I have ordered from you for years and NEVER have I ever been disappointed and my dogs LOVE your treats --- although I have been known to eat one or two of them myself!!" Ava, Salt Lake City UT


"Doodle is always looking for his favorite Good Dog Bakery peanut butter crunch with honey treats!" Rebecca, Vero Beach FL


"Have to get some more of the Chicken Parmesan biscuits for our Charlie ... he just loves them!" Harriet, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Beau loves his treats! He carried his rawhide around for the whole festival!! I'm sending you his picture to post on the Your Good Dog Photos page." Kehly, Juno Beach FL


"Thank you for sending my order so quickly. My dogs were almost out of their favorite treats! I'll be ordering more soon!" Robert, Washington DC


"A huge canister is always sitting on our kitchen counter filled with all natural dog treats from the Good Dog Bakery!" Brian and Theresa, Vero Beach FL


"We bought some of your all natural biscuits and rawhides a couple of weeks ago. Our fussy dogs think they are great. Here is our order for some more! Please send them as soon as possible." Annie and John, Red Bank NJ


"Our dog loves your biscuits. We're delighted that we can order online. You make a great product!" Lisbeth, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"We only feed our dogs all natural foods. Your biscuits are the best! Great that we can buy them direct from you. Our last order arrived in just two days!" Dana, Fairfield CT


"We bought Good Dog Bakery treats for both of our dogs, Jake and Casey. One of them has a very sensitive stomach and we have to be careful about what we give him. Both dogs absolutely loved the treats and have not had a problem digesting them. Good ingredients make good treats! Thank you!!" Dawn, Hobe Sound FL


"Dino, our 5 year old Golden Retreiver LOVES his Good Dog Bakery biscuits!" Christine, Tequesta FL


"My dog loves Good Dog Bakery treats. We had left some in the container on top of the refrigerator. Heard him barking during the night; came down to the kitchen and there he was … trying to get more biscuits!" Craig, Brooklyn NY


"Caine enjoys eating his Good Dog Bakery rawhides!" Carly, Melbourne FL


"My dogs and I can smell the freshness of your treats. They love them. The consistency is perfect!" Rebecca, Treasure Coast FL


"My Lucy loves your treats. I finally found some wheat & corn free. Glad you came to the Hope Sound Festival!" Angela, Hobe Sound, FL

"Good Dog Bakery biscuits are our black lab Brady’s favorite! Here's my order for some more!! Please send as soon as possible!!!" Jack, Duxbury MA


"It is great that your biscuits are made from all natural ingredients that are of top quality. We used to give our dog the supermarket brand of treats that were filled with artifical flavors, colors and things we couldn't even pronounce!" Dennis and Betsy, Jupiter FL


"We recently purchased some Good Dog Bakery treats. They are absolutely the perfect biscuits for our new puppy. He loves them!" Linda & Jim, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"My dog has skin allergies and it is so hard to find biscuits treats made without wheat or corn. Thank you for baking yours without these allergens!" Barbara, Fort Pierce FL


"I am writing to let you know how much my dog enjoys your snacks. My 12 year old Golden Retreiver sends you a big KISS!" Susan, San Francisco CA


"Our dog is hooked on Good Dog Bakery biscuits... Send quickly... She is anxiously waiting for her supply!" Richard, Annapolis MD


"We just got a new puppy and want to keep him on an all natural diet. Good Dog Bakery biscuits and treats are exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much for a great quality product!" Norm and Betty, Port Saint Lucie FL


"I've been meaning to write to you and let you know that the biscuits are great. Glad I found you! Here is my order for some more!!" Susan, Vero Beach FL


"We've been buying Good Dog Bakery biscuits for three years now.  Randy is allergic to wheat and corn so we have to be real careful of what he gets to eat.  Your natural, wheat and corn free biscuits are absolutely PERFECT!"  Ken and Jeanne, Fort Pierce FL


"Thank you for sending my order so quickly.  Princess loves the biscuits and I love that they are all natural.  I am happy to be a new customer!  I'll be ordering more soon!!"  Bonnie, New York NY


"We buy Daisy, Good Dog Bakery treats all the time ... she loves 'em!  She used to have seizures but since we got her on all natural food and treats ... no more seizures!!  We've enclosed a picture of her to put on the Your Good Dog Photos page.  Keep up the good work!"  Kristie and Jimmy, Coloma MI


"Our Rottweiler, Griffin, loves the biscuits! We try to stay on an all natural diet as much as possible and that includes our fur kids too! Thank you so much for providing delicious, all natural treats for Griffin!"  Theresa, Sewall Point FL


"I've tried a lot of different biscuits for Charlie with little success.  He is one fussy dog!  Recently I bought some of your Good Dog Bakery biscuits.  Charlie took a cautious sniff, then a taste, and you were right!  He loves them!!"  Mark, Palm Beach FL


"Thank you for sending my order so quickly.  Harry and Barry love the three flavors that I bought.  I'll be ordering more soon!"  Gina, Baltimore MD


"We first bought treats from you when we were visiting for the winter.  We are back in New York now and decided to order some more from your website.  Our order arrived in just a few days!  Thanks for the prompt attention and quick delivery!"  Ann & Jeff, Long Island NY


"Thank you for the wonderful biscuits.  Maggie says they taste great and we know that they are a healthy treat for her.  We're glad we found you on the internet.  We never knew we could get such great and fast service online!  Looking forward to purchasing more goodies real soon!"  Elaine and Mike,  Atlanta GA


"You have the BEST dog treats ever! My Labrador loves them and your prices are great!! I am a customer for the life. Thanks so much. If you have dogs you just HAVE to order from Good Dog Bakery! I highly recommend them!!!"  Joan, Miami FL


"My order arrived today and my Yorkies just loved their treats. Thank you so much for the fast shipping too, we will order more!"  Mary, Boston MA


"We changed our dogs' diet to all natural but had problems finding treats for them. A friend suggested that we look at your website for the best all natural treats available. Our dogs absolutely love your biscuits."  John and Karen, Hartford CT


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